Power Transmission Lines & Grid Stations.

The Power Transmission & Distribution Projects includes design and construction services for all types of industrial and project electrification works as well as for power transmission and distribution projects in the domestic markets. It also extends comprehensive services for construction of buildings and urban Infrastructure projects all over Pakistan.


The right goods and services, at the right time, at the lowest cost. That sums up AHT's approach to procurement, and we have the experience, the tools, and the know-how to make it work. By providing integrated, reliable, and cost-efficient supply chain management services, we help ensure the success of projects large and small.


AHT Construction has been executing comprehensive construction projects in areas of power, Residential buildings and Hydro-electric power stations in various part of Pakistan which include Lahore, Gujranwala, Dadu, Mangla, Okara , Kassowal , Shikarpur, Vehari , Chistian , Multan ,Hajeera , Fateh Jang, Bhawalpur , Rawat , Burhan and a lot more.

Project Management.

Project management ties together all activities on a project. A project may be well conceived and adequately financed, the contracts may be carefully drawn up, the contractors and workers highly experienced. But if all aspects of the project are not expertly integrated and managed, it may overrun the budget, fail to meet the schedule, or fall short in technical quality.

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