Current Commitments

No. Name of Contract Contract Award Employer
1. (As JV Partner of M/s CCCE-ETERN-Al Hussain Consortium) QESCO Contract No. QESCO LOT II
Procurement of Plant, Design, Supply, Civil works, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of New 132 kV Grid Station at Nag and Addition of New 132 kV Line Bays at Gawadar Old, Pasni, Hoshab, Turbat, Panjgoor, Basima and Nal Existing Grid Stations on Turnkey Basis, For Interconnection of Isolated Gawadar/ Makran Area with National Grid System of Pakistan.
Project Director (GSC) QESCO, Quetta
2. QESCO Contract No. QESCO-LOT-V (R)
Procurement of Plant, Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Transmission Line Conductor, Hardware, Accessories, Insulators, Stock Bridge Dampers and 2nd Circuit Stringing & Commissioning of (Coastal / Non-Coastal Areas) of existing 132kV SDT Panjgoor-Hoshab transmission line (Approx 132km), 132kV SDT Hoshab-Turbat transmission line (Approx 82km), 132kV SDT Gwadar-Pasni transmission line (Approx 121km) with AASC “CAIRO’’ conductor on Turnkey Basis, for interconnection of Isolated Gawadar/Makran area with National Grid System of Pakistan along with allied equipment
Project Director (GSC) QESCO, Quetta
3. (JV with M/s Al Khurram 50% share)

Construction of Foundations for Tower/Poles, Erection, Stringing, Dismantling of Existing Towers, Conductor and Allied Accessories 132kV D/C T/Line In/Out Khui Ratta from Dudyal to Kotli Line Gulpur-PC I
G.M (Dev) IESCO Head Office, Islamabad
4. (JV with M/s Al Khurram 50% share)
NTDC Contract No. PD-ISD-04

Dismantling of Existing 4x37MVAR Shunt Reactor and Civil Works Assembly, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of 4 x 37 MVAR Shunt Reactor with 500 kV Circuit Breakers at 500 kV Grid Station Rawat
Project Director (EHV-I) NTDC, Islamabad
5. NTDC Contract No. XEN/EHV-II/NTDC/03 (2021-22) Construction of Equipment Foundations along with Associated Civil Works for Installation of 500kV 3x37 MVAR Shunt Reactor Bank Bay on 500kV D.G. Khan Guddu T/Line Bay at 500kV Grid Station D.G. Khan Executive Engineer (EHV-II) Lahore
6. NTDC Contract No. DM-SKP-01R-2021
Dismantling of existing 1 x 37 MVAR Shunt Reactor Unit and Civil Works, Assembly, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of 2 x 37 MVAR Shunt Reactor Units at 500kv Grid Station Sheikhupura
Dy. Manager 500KV G/S Sheikhupura
7. (JV with M/s Al Khurram 50% share)
MEPCO Contract No. 50-52/GSC (2021-22)

Construction of Equipment Foundations and allied works of 132kv Switchyard and Control House Building for New 132KV Grid Station Lodhran-II
Project Director (GSC) MEPCO Multan
8. Contract No. PD-EHV-05-2022
Construction of Foundation, Erection, and Stringing work for 220KV D/C T/Line Multan-TT Singh (Diversion Deposit Work DHA, Multan
Project Director (EHV-I) NTDC, Lahore